About Us

Ascension Wastewater Treatment started in 1994 as a small, family owned, sewer utility company. They have grown into the largest privately owned sewer utility company in Louisiana, servicing nearly 15,000 customers.

Ascension Wastewater Treatment owns and operates approximately 230 lift-stations and sewer treatment plants, in developments throughout Ascension, Livingston, and East Baton Rouge Parishes.

All of their systems have been upgraded to maintain compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. As they move forward, the company continues to upgrade plants that discharge into waterways, deemed by DEQ to be impaired, to remain in substantial compliance.

About Us

The company was named the 2013 Private System of the Year for Outstanding Operations and Maintenance by the Louisiana Rural Water Association (LRWA), for their "dedication to helping to maintain a cleaner environment"....public health and environmental protection is the primary goal of the LRWA.

Ascension Wastewater Treatment is regulated by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, LDEQ and DHH.

Their long-term goal is to provide sewer treatment and return the healthiest water possible back into the environment.